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The Fearless Heart is a full-spectrum practice that focuses on poses that work to open the heart. Through this class you will learn to cultivate strength in the body, and fearlessness in the heart. This advanced-intermediate class is based on the first chapter in Michelle's book, Finding More on the Mat - How I Grew Better, Stronger and Wiser through yoga. It is a powerful practice that will challenge you to face your fears head on, and cultivate self confidence while nurturing your own authenticity. This is a class that will move you and stick with you for many days to come.

*If you enjoy this class you might also enjoy the longer lengths available both audio and video formats!

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This is the printable companion pose guide for The Fearless Heart (episode 66).

If you enjoy this class, you might also enjoy the longer versions of this class available in both video and audio options. : )

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