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This is a very special podcast episode! This is our first full-length class on our podcast, but don't worry, if you are drawn to the 20 minute versions, you can still download the 20 minute class for free from our website.

This is an incredibly powerful Power Yoga class brought to you by top-instructor, Dawnelle. This class focuses on the concept of Metta, or loving kindness, and poses are held for a long time so you can focus on the intensity of the pose and of the Metta concept.

This is a very special class that we have created, and its completely free to everyone. If you would like, you can offer a donation toward the class once you are finished, and 50% of all money donated toward this class will go directly to the Cambodian Childrens Fund, the charity we are sponsoring through this class. **Please be sure to use the link from this post or from the Power Yoga #4 class on our website to donate toward this cause.

If you would like to make a donation, please click on the button below. 50% of any money you donate will be given to the CCF. Thanks SO much for your generosity and support!


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